About Me

Welcome to Paint Draw Paint, a place dedicated to teaching basic drawing and painting techniques. My name is Ross, and I am happy to share with you what I have learned.

I have learned many of the techniques used in classical realistic painting and drawing. I also like to explore many of the methods and concepts used today in contemporary art-making processes. 

As an art teacher, I enjoy seeing my students artistically grow as I share the skills and information I have to offer. I find it rewarding to see their excitement and sense of accomplishment that comes with learning.

I have been teaching drawing, painting, and various other art classes at a few different colleges for over ten years. I have taught students at all skill levels. I find that I enjoy working with people just starting to paint and draw.

I  earned an MFA in Fine Arts with a focus on painting. I obtained a BA in Studio Arts, working with many different media. 

Hopefully, what I have learned through my professional experience and educational background with help you improve your techniques and allow you to grow as an artist.

Ross Bowns