Anatomy Basics: Just having fun drawing the back

Charcoal drawing of a back
Every weekend I run a workshop for the students at the school I teach at. Usually, I don't draw during the workshop as I am going around assisting the students. This time, however, the model struck a pose that I found so interesting I that could not resist. So I will pulled out the newsprint pad.  

Later after the workshop one of the students was asking me about where all the muscles of his back were in my drawing. I was doing the best I could to explain but not all the lines in my drawing were representing muscle boundaries and interpreting someone else's drawing can be tricky.

So, for him, I took the drawing home and did it again, showing were all the muscles are. If it can benefit one person it can benefit others, so I thought I'd share it with you. 

Take a look. 

Here is the original drawing. Its just a charcoal drawing on newsprint. I bring my news print in because I do demonstrations but other then that I don't plan on drawing so I don't bring my nice drawing paper. I am stuck with a drawing I like on paper I don't like. Alas.

The good the about learning foundations drawing techniques is that if you can draw it once you can draw it again. When I decided to draw the muscles in I wanted to redraw it for a couple of reasons. One, is to fix my mistakes I see in the original drawing. The other is after I show him the drawing I can work on it more and make a nice finished drawing on paper that I do like.

You will notice too that I changed things a bit. That's another wonderful thing about learning these techniques, I can change things around as I am not tied to my reference.

Here is a muscle overlay to make clear my lines and a list of the muscles of the back. I did my best to match the color of the name of the muscle to the color of the muscle in the image. Enjoy.

Latissimus dorsi
Serratus anterior
External obliques
Teres major
Teres minor 

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