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Drawing Basics    
Arm Proportions
Basic Shapes and Forms       
Curve of the Torso       
Drawing the Eye    
Drawing Feet       
Drawing the Feet, Positioning and Sizing
Drawing The Ear
Elements of Light         
Elements of Light Breakdown
Figure Proportion
Figure Proportion; Female
Figure Drawing, constructing from basic shapes
Figure Drawing, Starting Out
Hand proportions
Head Construction
Head Proportions
Line and Edges       
Lips and Mouth Basics      
Measuring with the Pencil
The Nose
Pineapple Drawing - Shape and Form
Portrait Drawing
Sharpening a Charcoal Pencil
Simple Shapes - Drawing Hands      
Simple Skeleton  
Simplified Skeleton and Figure
Structure Drawing       
The Thumb
Value: Checkerboard illusion explained
Value Scale

Painting Basics
Form Structure     
Glass and Transparent Form
Landscape: Atmospheric Perspecitive
Landscape: Editing a Scene
Landscape: Step by Step  
Masking Fluid for Watercolor    
Priming a Surface       
Portrait Painting, starting a painting
Portrait Painting, light side and shadow side
Quick Studies: Value Pattern
Transferring a Drawing to Watercolor Paper    
Watercolor Mixing Exercise     
Watercolor Complements      
Watercolor Texture       
Wet in Wet Demo-pineapple guava (watercolor)  
Wet in Wet, Wet on Dry  Demo Cosmos Flower (watercolor)    
Yosemite Landscape Demo

Anatomy Basics

Figure Proportions
Arm Proportions
Figure Proportion
Head Proportions  

Golden Ratio     
Compressing value scale