Painting Basics

Color Palette

A look at a basic color palette using the primary colors

Form Structure   

A look at finding the underlying forms and structures of objects.

Glass and Transparent Form

A look at how illustrate the form of the object while still allowing the object to appear transparent.

Landscape: Atmospheric Perspective

A look at how the atmosphere affects the objects in the scene of a landscape painting.

Landscape: Editing a Scene

A quick look at choosing what you want to include in a landscape painting.

Landscape: Plein Air

Recounting the process of a plein air painting.

Landscape: Step by Step    

The basic steps for setting up a landscape painting.

Limited Palette

A guide to using a limited palette.
Masking Fluid for Watercolor    

A look at how to use masking fluid in watercolor painting.

A review of the types and qualities of brushes available.
Priming a Surface       

How to prime a painting surface with gesso for acrylic or oil painting.

Portrait Painting

How to start a portrait painting. Setting up the initial drawing stages.

Portrait Painting

How to group the information into light side and dark side groups to set up color and value relationships in a portrait painting then paint into those areas the smaller form information.
Quick Studies: Value Pattern

Using value studies to help determine a compostion.
Transferring a Drawing to Watercolor Paper    

A look at the advantages of rub transfer and how to transfer a drawing to watercolor paper.

A look at how to use this type of viewfinder to examine the value of the local color.

Watercolor Rose

How to paint a rose in watercolor

Watercolor Mixing Exercise     

Making a color wheel using watercolor paint.
Watercolor Complements      

How to mute colors in watercolor.
Watercolor Texture       

A look at several different techniques for creating texture using watercolor paint.
Wet in Wet Demo-pineapple guava (watercolor)  

A look at how to use wet in wet and basic layering techniques in a step by step demo.
Wet in Wet, Wet on Dry  Demo Cosmos Flower (watercolor)     

A look at combining watercolor techniques to paint a flower.
Yosemite Landscape Demo

A step by step demonstration of painting a landscape in watercolor.