Color Basics

Analogous Split Complements  

A look at how to use color complements in a composition.

Basic Color Palette

A look at a couple of simple color palettes.

Local Color

A look at how color variation can be used to highlight forms.

A basic introduction to color theory and the color wheel.

Color Wheel Basics

An introduction to the different color wheels and a brief explanation of primary, secondary, and tertiary color.

A look at complementary colors and how to find and use them.

A look at value levels of color by removing the hue characteristics to see how the colors compare.

A guide to using a limited palette.

Properties of Color

The three properties of a color.

Using complementary color to mute a color or reduce the saturation.

Subtractive Color System

A brief explanation of substractive color.

Temperature of Color

A look at the warm and cool color relationships.

A look at the effects of adding white or black to a color.

How to mute colors in watercolor.