Drawing Basics

Arm Proportions   

A look at the proportions of the arm using a seven and a half head measurement guide.
Basic Shapes and Forms 

Discussing comparing forms to simple shapes to understand more complex forms. 
A look at how the head, ribcage, and pelvis positions relate to each other to see the curve of the torso.

Drawing the Eye 

A look at the basic shape of the eye and how forms around it.
Drawing Feet 

A look at how to draw a foot starting with simple shapes.

Drawing Feet, Positioning and Sizing

A simple shortcut to positioning the foot and dealing with problems of foreshortening.
Drawing The Ear

A look at the anatomy of the ear to see the basic shapes, structures, and forms the ear creates.
 Elements of Light 

Basic guides finding form using the information from the way light interacts with the objects it comes in contact with.

Elements of Light Breakdown

Another look at how light interacts with form. This time separating each component to identify individually.

A look at how to draw an ellipse and how the ellipse behaves in three dimensional space.

Figure Drawing, constructing from basic shapes

How to build a figure drawing using simple basic shapes as a starting point.
Figure Proportion 

A quick look a the 7 and 1/2 head tall figure proportional measurements.

Figure Proportions: Female

A quick look at the female figure using the 7 and 1/2 head proportional guide.


A look at foreshortening and how it works.
Golden Ratio     

How to create a rectangle following the golden ratio using a simple step by step process.

Hand Proportions

A quick look a some of the proportions of the hands

Head Construction

A look at how to draw the head using simple forms as a starting point.
Head Proportions 

A look at the proportions of the head and the placement of facial features.

Line and Edges

A look at different ways to suggest the edge of a form.

Line Weight

A simple way to help create spatial in a line drawing.

Lips and Mouth Basics 

A simple technique for drawing the mouth and lips and look at a the basic structure of the mouth to see how it fits on the face.

A brief review of the types of tools used in charcoal drawing.

Measuring Technique 

A look at how to use the pencil to compare relative sizes of the subject.

The nose

A look at how to draw the nose by construction a simplified nose.
Pineapple Drawing - Shape and Form 

A look at how to draw a pineapple to break down the process of drawing realistic form by using two dimensional shape information

Portrait Drawing - Starting Out 

A look one of the ways I like to start out  when drawing a portrait.

Drawing hands by first identifying the larger forms first. 

A way to make drawing the figure easier by simplifying the information one works on at one time.

Simple Skeleton and Figure

A look at using the underlying forms to set up a figure drawing.

How to sharpen a charcoal pencil

Starting a Figure Drawing

A look at how to begin drawing the figure in a drawing from life session.

Structure Drawing       

A look at finding the underlying forms and structures of objects.

The Thumb: Connecting to the hand

A look at how draw the hand in basic shapes to better understand the shape of the connection of the thumb to the hand.
Value: Checkerboard illusion explained
Value Relationships

A look at the relative nature of value.
Value Scale  

How to draw using shades and value to create form and relationships of value.


A look at how to use this type of viewfinder to examine the value of the local color.
One Point Perspective     

Drawing a cube to understand one point perspective.

Two Point Perspective

Drawing a cube to understand two point perspective.

Three Point Perspective 

Drawing a cube to understand three point perspective.

Picture Plane in One Point Perspective

A look at the relationship between the picture plane and the front planes in one point perspective.

How to Build a Roof in Perspective

A look at inclined roofs in perspective and how to draw them.