Dec 9, 2015

Color Basics: Properties of color

Today we are going to look at the three properties of color. A color is composed of three parts; hue, value, and saturation. Understanding what these three properties are will help us understand the nature of color which will give us more control and flexibility when creating our art. 

A red appleFor example, when we look at a red apple we are seeing three properties that give us that particular red that we see. We see that it is red but we also see that it is a dark red. We may also see that it is a strong red. We can break apart those distinctions we see into three different components. Those components are the properties of that color. We see the hue of the color is red. We see the value of the color is dark. We also see that the red is very red or is a saturated red.

Let's take a look at those parts a little more closely.