Jul 17, 2021

Figure Drawing: Drawing an Ear Demo

This video is a follow-up to the previous video, Figure Drawing: Understanding the structures and anatomy of the ear. In that video, we look at the ear anatomy to better understand the forms that make up the ear that we need to draw when drawing the ear. In this video, I draw an ear to demonstrate how we can that information as we draw.

In the Video

In this video, as I draw an ear, I walk through a few steps to make drawing the ear easier. We can divide these steps into three groups. 

  1. Basic shapes;
  2. Defining the anatomy and contours; and
  3. Shading

The steps to drawing an ear demonstrated in the above video.
  1. We start by illustrating the structures that form the ear as basic shapes to size a place all the parts within the ear. By drawing these forms simplistically, we can work out the proportions and get each part to fit within the ear properly.
  2. Once we are happy with the proportions and positioning of the forms, we can refine them. At this step, we reshape and define the contours of the forms to more accurately reflect the shapes and contours of the ear anatomy.
  3. Finally, we can shade the drawing to add some depth and finish the sketch.
    Enjoy drawing! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.