Figure Drawing: Placing and sizing the eyes drawing demonstration

This drawing demonstration is a follow-up video to the Figure Drawing: Placing and sizing the eyes presentation. We learn how to use these guidelines in our drawing practice. I demonstrate drawing the guidelines to place and size the eyes on the head when drawing the head accurately.

Figure Drawing: Positioning and sizing the eyes

A demonstration about how to use the figure drawing proportions guidelines to accurately position the eyes on the head and find the correct size. 

Ear Drawing Demo

In this video, I draw an ear. I walk through a few steps to make drawing the ear easier. 

Figure Drawing: The Structures of the Ear

In this video, we will look at the ear anatomy to see how these structures combine to form an ear.

Learn to Draw a Honey Bee

In this video, I demonstrate drawing a bee. This demo walks you through the steps to draw a bee from start to finish.

A Simple Drawing Practice Exercise

We look at a quick drawing practice exercise that helps us improve our linework in this video.

Drawing an Arm

In this video, we are drawing an arm to see how we can separate elements of the arm drawing to make it easier to draw.

Drawing a Barn: Setting Up Structure

If you are just beginning to learn to draw or looking for ways to organize your drawing process, this step-by-step video provides some tips on how to set up a drawing using simple forms.

Drawing a Box and Understanding its shape

When we draw the simple or basic forms to set up the underlying structure of our drawings, we need to make sure that we can draw those forms accurately.

In this lesson, we'll look at drawing a box. More accurately, we'll learn to identify the critical elements that go into creating a precisely shaped box.

Simple or Basic Forms: Why they help drawing complex objects

We can improve our drawing skills by learning to identify the underlying structure of our subject and draw that first. A great approach to identifying and drawing the underlying structure is to illustrate that structure in simple forms. Let look at why this is and how to do it.